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Bentspoke - Freewheeler Non-Alc IPA

Bentspoke - Freewheeler Non-Alc IPA

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FreeWheeler has all the hoppy goodness of an IPA without the alc. Fully fermented just like a normal beer. Citrusy, tropical perfume and slight caramel malt are the highlights of this beer that allows you to Free Wheel home!

The process of brewing FreeWheeler is unique to BentSpoke due to the filtration process. BentSpoke uses a unique filter system from brewery equipment manufacturer DME. The filter removes all the fermented beer flavour called the retentate leaving the permeate (alcohol and water) behind. The flavour is then rehydrated with deaerated water, carbonated and is ready to package. Using this process allows BentSpoke to replicate full strength beer flavour in a non-alcohol beer.

ABV 0.5% / 375ml 

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