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Modo Rosso 2019

Modo Rosso 2019

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A magnificent blend of red varietals, including Aglianico, Nebbiolo, Pinot Noir, and of course, Sangiovese, which gracefully takes the lead in this composition. The wine unfurls with notes of red berries, dried herbs, and juniper berries, intertwined with delicate floral accents and a subtle hint of earthy, smoky undertones. Its character is wonderfully fleshy, impeccably ripe, and buoyed by a refreshing sour cherry acidity. This offering is not only wonderfully concentrated but also exudes elegance and an enduring quality, marked by delightfully savory tannins and a concluding 'mineral' finesse. It's a phenomenal creation that captivates the senses.

When artistic and creative brilliance merges with a scientific mind, you encounter a philosopher, and Ray Nadeson is just such a figure. He's not your typical winemaker and vintner. Ray also dabbles in painting, contemplation, and is a fascinating conversationalist. Spend time with him, and you might find yourself discussing a wide spectrum of topics, from social politics and issues of racial injustice, to the interpretation of his artwork, quantum theory, or even his adventures climbing Tanzania's Mt. Kilimanjaro with his children, all the way to the magnificent wines of Burgundy. Over two decades ago, Ray and Maree established their winery, and they are as engaging and brilliant as the wines they produce. Their exploration into 'il Modo' wines is nothing short of experimental excellence; these wines, while considered experimental, consistently deliver exceptional quality. To put it plainly, 'il Modo' is a unique gem in the Australian wine landscape.

Although Lethbridge winery is their base, 'il Modo' (meaning 'the way') is a focused exploration of 'alternative' Mediterranean grape varieties, arguably better suited to the warm climates of Heathcote and Mildura, where they are predominantly cultivated. As we grapple with the future of winemaking in a warming world, you might just find some answers in these wines. They undergo skin fermentation in 800-liter Amphorae (clay pots) for 11 months, drawing inspiration from the timeless wines of Italy's southern regions and its surrounding islands. While the grapes may be considered 'alternative,' 'il Modo' wines are firmly grounded in their commitment to balance and delectability.


ABV 13%

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