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Mountain Culture Next Goal Wins Hazy Pale Ale

Mountain Culture Next Goal Wins Hazy Pale Ale

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BRU-1 hops have long been a favourite hop of the Mountain Culture team and if the response from some of our most BRU-1 heavy beers - Yellow Brick Road, Absolute Wizards, Video Vibe - are anything to go by, they’re a favourite of yours as well.

So we decided to really test out what this hop can do by brewing a single hop hazy pale using only BRU-1 hops in the whirlpool and dry hop additions.

BRU-1 is a hop that gives an impression of fresh juicy pineapple and, thank goodness, that’s what we’ve managed to extract for a refreshing tropical escape in a light, sessionable body.

ABV 5.7% / 500ml 

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