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Mountain Culture Superconductor NEIPA

Mountain Culture Superconductor NEIPA

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This paper examines the way of thinking and limitations of physicists regarding the phenomenon of superconductivity. Scientists endeavored to determine the maximum amount of flavour and aroma that can be conducted from malt and hops through a liquid medium. In hypothesis, an increase in haze and body will create a complex substrate in which hop and yeast characteristics will be expressed. Simultaneously, double dry-hopping the malt base with new world hops that have been previously shown to demonstrate intense tropical and citrus notes will allow the fresh flavours present at dry-hopping to be conducted with minimal resistance to the consumer at the other end of the aluminum can. In summary, after multiple thorough double blinded tasting sessions, participants forgot to document any findings whatsoever. We suggest the consumer conduct further research.


AVB 7.6% / 500ml

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