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Working Title The Pursuit of Happiness West Coast IPA

Working Title The Pursuit of Happiness West Coast IPA

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Because the journey is more important than its destination, each year we finish with a beer that champions our discovery of hop things in the inevitable Pursuit of Happiness. Four things we learned in 2023; Talus is delicious, Motueka and Mot Sub Zero are intense, Citra Spectrum in active ferment gives tropical punch and Simcoe First Wort gives smooth bitterness.

2023 gave us loads of opportunity to muck about with things. Some old technique, like first wort hopping with some new products, like hop resins. As the world moves towards fuller, more rounded beers, and yes that includes Westies, we’ve delved into process and products to tantalise modern palates.

A modern Westie: tropical and piney aromas with some intense lemon zest meet a malty backbone and dry, saline finish. Piney rather than dank, tropical rather than citrus zest and rounded. This is what we learned.

AVB 7% / 500ml

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