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Batch Brewing Passionfruit & Dragonfruit Sour

Batch Brewing Passionfruit & Dragonfruit Sour

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Get ready to unleash your taste buds with Pash, the dragon-powered delight! This friendly and approachable sour will leave you breathless with its tantalizing blend of passionfruit and dragonfruit, giving it a mesmerizing pink hue fit for a majestic dragon’s lair. Gather your fellow adventurers and embark on a flavor-filled journey, or conquer this delicious elixir all by yourself! And hey, when it’s time to mix up some enchanting concoctions, Pash is the fire-breathing champion you need to make your next cocktail soar to legendary heights. Embrace the dragon magic and savour every sip!

ABV 4.5% / 375ml 

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