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La Caputxeta Sumoi

La Caputxeta Sumoi

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REGION / Tarragona, SpainTarragona, Spain

COLABORATION / Troy Jones & Behn PaytenTroy Jones & Behn Payten

FRUIT SOURCE / 100% Estate100% Estate

FARMING / OrganicOrganic

The Village where the winery is located in Priorat is called Gratallops or literally ‘the place where Wolves Sharpen their Claws’. The team from Payten & Jones thought it’d be cool to play with that and make any wine that comes from outside Priorat the ‘Red Riding Hood’ wines – hopefully they won’t kill the Wolf! La Caputxeta It’s Catalan for Red Riding Hood.

The wines from the Tarragona project are grown and made in a village named L’Alba, 4km from the amazing village/monastery of Santes Creus (if you’ve got time, you should definitely google it). Troy & Behn were the first Australians to ever visit this village – it is literally at the end of the road in the middle of nowhere! The winery itself opened its doors in 1819 closed them in the 1920s. Only to be reopened in again 2019 – 200 years since it was built! The vineyard is managed by two brothers who left their high paying marketing jobs to return back to the families farming with the help of the Spanish government. They farm the vineyard organically, as the area has extremely low disease pressure and the varieties are suited particularly well to the climate.

Paralleda and Macabeu are the white varieties. Tempranillo and Sumoi the red varieties. The wines have been made with natural, traditional methods. No added sulphur.


ABV 12%

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