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McHenry American Oak Single Malt Whisky – 10 Year Old

McHenry American Oak Single Malt Whisky – 10 Year Old

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Alot happens in Ten years, kids grow up, governments change and the world speeds up around us.

These old barrels have been sitting in their shed, well a few sheds if we’re honest, as we said before it’s been 10years.

Bill has built a few more sheds since he first started the distillery over 12 years ago. Down here at the bottom of the world where you don’t really notice time passing so fast.

The clean air, the wild rains cascading over the mountain, it’s only the trees growing taller and the growing number of sheds that let you know time is passing.

The whisky doesn’t care about time it just sits there soaking in the flavour, ripening and sloshing around when it gets moved from shed to shed.

We lost the barrels for a while there, searched high and low called the police thinking someone had come all the way down and managed to steal the 10yo barrels of all things. Turns out they were hiding behind a shed and been put out of place in one of the many shed shuffles.

So, these barrels have a small but good story and now they’re ready to be put in bottles and make their way out into the big wild world.

The smell when we pulled the bung out was beautiful, sweet caramel nutty.

Best flavors are found when it’s left to breath for a minute before you sip.


Nose: The nose of this whisky presents an inviting bouquet reminiscent of a freshly baked vanilla cake, emerging with a delicate and alluring sweetness. As you delve deeper, the notes of caramel reveal themselves, entwined with the essence of warm, buttery toffee. This interplay between the vanilla and caramel is heightened by a nuanced undercurrent of light spice, akin to a hint of cinnamon and nutmeg, lending an extra layer of complexity to the aroma. The overall effect is akin to wandering into a kitchen as a cake rich with vanilla essence and caramelization emerges from the oven, enticing and comforting.

Palate: Upon the first sip, the whisky glides onto the palate with an exquisite silkiness that imparts a velvety sensation, reminiscent of satin sheets. The initial touch reveals a harmonious blend of flavors where the vanilla and caramel from the nose seamlessly transition onto the palate. The taste unfolds into a symphony of traditional oak flavors, evoking the essence of aged wood, interwoven with hints of toasted almond and a faint whisper of dark chocolate. These oak characteristics tell a story of the whisky’s journey through time, as it draws forth the essence of the barrel it matured in. The aging process becomes palpable as the flavors deepen and develop, allowing you to truly taste the passage of years.

Finish: The finish is a lingering embrace that envelops your tongue in a gentle warmth, akin to the embrace of a cozy blanket on a chilly evening. The initial burst of flavors slowly fades, leaving behind a soothing resonance that carries with it the echoes of the whisky’s journey. It’s a comforting and reflective moment, akin to the warmth of a hearthfire. As the whisky bids adieu, it leaves a memory of its intricate layers, evoking a sense of nostalgia and contentment, inviting you to relive the experience once more.

AVB 46% / 500ml

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