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MDI Sangiovese

MDI Sangiovese

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We thought the Friulano was off the wall off the vine. Well this is a complete and utter sidestepper. A genuine article, rested in the best quality oak money can buy


MDI doubles down on its maker’s skin contact infamy, releasing ongoing limited editions of unique, small batch varietals that even Google won’t know.

Born from our winemaker Kev’s decades of experience (and success) in the region, the brand champions its local growers, esoteric European varieties, and traditional, sustainable winemaking methods. Hung on Sangiovese and Pinot Grigio – with a punk edge,

Mandi are all about showcasing the best of the best of Mildura’s Mediterranean varieties.

Winemaker Kevin McCarthy is a bit of a wine rebel – cutting his teeth originally in the Mornington Peninsula, his winemaking philosophy became shaped by multiple trips to Europe.

He learned all there is to know about skin contact wine, directly from northern Italian winemakers themselves, and he applies all that knowledge to his wonderful fleet of great value, alternative variety Aussie wines.


ABV 13%

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