Mountain Culture Among Us NEIPA

Mountain Culture Among Us NEIPA

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Whether it’s unexplained lights in the sky, lizard people, ancient architectural techniques we still cannot replicate or the palpable sexual tension between Mulder and Scully, humans have been drawn to the allure of the mysterious since the dawn of man; hoping to answer the enduring question of whether we're alone in the universe.

This beer holds a similar allure with its mysteries that even we can’t explain, like what particular section of the yeast genome creates haze, how that particular section creates haze and where all the staff cans went after canning.

Whilst we can’t declassify the full recipe of this beer, we can tell you that the peaches, overripe pineapples, oranges and lemon flavours come from a complicated blend of Amarillo, Simcoe, Mosaic, BRU-1 and Vic Secret hops.

AVB 8% / 440ml

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