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Range In With The Old Pale Ale

Range In With The Old Pale Ale

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OUT WITH THE NEW is a Pale Ale that has been dry-hopped with fresh Citra and Vic Secret.

Almost always, hops are discarded after first-use in the brewing industry. This follow up release harnesses the hops for a second time round. 


IN WITH THE OLD is a Pale Ale that has been dry-hopped using  recycled Citra and Vic Secret.

These beers are intended to be drunk together to have a direct side by side comparison. Obviously, the Pale utilising our regular fresh dry-hopping method packs a punch, as it usually would! But what we are more taken by is how the latter turned out! The Pale utilising the recycled dry-hopping method still has the aroma and punch, but is more soft & subdued, and we are into it!! This is a game changer for us and we’re really excited to hear what you think!


ABV 5%

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